Kansas Salt Bulk Deicing Products Available To The Midwest

Our bulk deicing rock salt is mined from one of the most abundant salt beds in the world, located over 600 feet below the earth's surface in central Kansas. Screened to a consistent coarse gradation and treated with yellow prussiate of soda ensures a flowable non-caking product for your salt spreader. Rock salt is extremely effective at melting snow & ice on roadways, parking lots, and/or sidewalks in sub-freezing climates.

Kansas Salt Ice Melt Products Available To The Midwest

Available in 50 pound bags, Kansas Salt offers multiple choices of bagged ice melt products designed for fast melting action. Whether you are looking for a treated halite product or sodium chloride alternative we have you covered. Contact us to learn more about our available products and pricing.

Kansas Salt Agricultural Products Available To The Midwest

Like bulk deicing salt, our agricultural fine salt is mined from deep beneath the earth's surface and screened to a finer gradation better suited for the agricultural industry. Salt is a key component in animal nutrition and feeding operations for optimal health and development of livestock. Agricultural fine salt is also widely used in the processing and tanning of animal hides.

Kansas Salt Oil And Gas Products Available To The Midwest

An often over looked use of salt is in the oil & gas industry, if you are looking for a bulk industrial salt used in your drilling operations, contact us for more information on available gradations.